candid leggings
Candid leggings

Today we are going to talk about a section of which we have approximately 5000 videos and growing daily. A very popular category: candid leggings. Who hasn’t walked down the street and seen a beautiful girl dressed in tight leggings? Did you like them? Here we explain some curiosities.

For those who are not very used to use that word, it is something very common in the voyeur world. You can also find the same content with ‘yoga pants’, but we like to use the word leggings.

But, what are candid leggings?

Basically tight clothing usually from the waist to the ankles, to show what’s underneath: a body. Since the 80’s fashion of going to the gym they became popular and little by little they have been improving the textures.

What kind of leggings are there?

The best known are the spandex ones, since they adapt to the body in a natural way, there are also wet looking or shiny, one of our favorites!
The best known brands are gymshark and lulu leggings. On this website you will find hundreds of candid leggings videos!

I will be able to find candid teens in leggings?

Of course you will! That’s one of our hobbies: sharing teen creepshot videos!